PermaSafe Application

PermaSafe in all our Courtesy vehicles and offered as a service to your personal vehicle

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In an effort to keep our customers and employees safe as we navigate COVID-19 precautions, we have applied PermaSafe to all our Courtesy Vehicles.  We have identified these vehicles that have this protection with the PermaSafe seal on the side window.  Find comfort in this seal during your service.

If you would like to learn more about PermaSafe, please visit their website at:

PermaSafe is a Non-Toxic, EPA approved product. PermaSafe SHIELD™ eliminates and controls microbes perpetually.  It does so through a purely physical process, without the use of any harmful chemicals, through it’s unique, patented surface modifying technology.  Please reach out to our Lexus dealer in San Antonio, TX, to schedule your PermaSafe application on your personal vehicle.

Upon application, the antimicrobial agent in PermaSafe SHIELD™ chemically reacts with, and molecularly bonds to, the surface to which it is applied.  As it dries, millions of microscopic antimicrobial “spike-like” appliances form and extend outward from the surface. These “spikes” are actually long chains of positively charged atoms.

Because the cell walls of harmful microbes are negatively charged, they are drawn toward and pulled onto the positively charged antimicrobial spikes by electrostatic attraction. Destruction is instantaneous and complete as the antimicrobial spikes both rupture the microbes’ cell walls and “vaporizes” them by delivering a powerful electrostatic charge. Since PermaSafe SHIELD™ is not transferred to the now dead cell, it doesn’t lose strength and the spikes are ready to dispatch the next microbe to come in contact with them.

Watch how PermaSafe works:

Young woman sitting in brand new car.