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Are you wondering how to sell a used car? It’s easy to get started when you bring your vehicle to our car dealership in San Antonio, TX. Our entire team of Lexus experts is fully dedicated to our customers, so we strive to give you the honest, transparent experience you deserve as you sell your current vehicle.

If you’re ready to sell your used car,simply bring the vehicle to North Park Lexus of San Antonio. Once you do,our team will appraise its current market value. We’ll perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection to determine value. We’ll also take factors like age and mileage into consideration when determining the car’s market value. Then, we’ll provide you with a buy bid for your trade. This buy bid will be valid whether or not you choose to buy your next vehicle from us. If you choose to accept our offer,just let a member of our team know and we’ll help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

How to Sell Your Used Car at North Park Lexus of San Antonio:

North Park Lexus of San Antonio

Step 1:

Bring your used car to
North Park Lexus of San Antonio

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Step 2:

Allow us to appraise your vehicle while you wait in our comfortable cafe

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Step 3:

Receive our immediate offer to purchase your vehicle – even if you don’t purchase our’s!

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Step 4:

Allow us to purchase your vehicle and continue with your personal next steps!

That’s it! We make it simple to get a buy bid at North Park Lexus of San Antonio,and even easier to sell us your car. Visit today to get started.